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happy massage client

Perri Sherrill




Everytime I see Dez I think "Wow, that was the best massage I have ever had, but then I go in again and it is even better."

happy massage client

Adam Jurick




Dez intuitively knows how to get deep into the source of my discomfort and fix it. It's like she has magical healing powers. 

happy massage client

Rolf Wilson

Adventure Athlete




We had a very limited time to address an issue I thought was going to be permanent.

I thought wrong! 

Dez does awesome deep tissue!

happy massage client

Phil Odegard


Helena/ Bozeman

Dez's skill sets are awesome. I am adept at dinging up my body in a variety of ways and Dez always fixes the problem. I have been a client for years and will be forever.

happy massage client Jacobus Hollewijn

Jacobus Hollewijn

Gesundheit Nutrition




Dez knows as much about working the human body as I do about nutrition.

Happy massage client

Summer Nasmyth

Fashion Designer

Los Angeles/ Bozeman

I like to think I am her longest massage client. She just knows how to find stuff and make it better! I love her to bits. She's magic.

happy massage client

Cooper Rochin

Football Player


She has God Hands.



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