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Important Note... Site under reconstruction!!
In an effort to follow my truth I am shifting my practice to a more spiritually regenerative somatic massage experience. This will include nurturing the senses with heat and sound vibration, Reiki energy work, cupping and reflexology. I have been told that my massages take people to near out of body experiences and the deepest relaxation they have ever experienced on a table. This is where I am going. This is how I chose to serve my clients moving forward.  I am currently restructuring this site to reflect these changes. There will also be a blog on recovering from all of the Life Yuck sticking to us just by way of being a human in this crazy world. So keep an eye out for this as well!  EXCITING!!!! 

  I will still offer deep tissue but will only take a small number per week. I appreciate your patience during this transition.  Love to you all!

Powerfully intuitive therapeutic massage backed by over 25 years shaping and healing bodies.

Picture yourself deeply, deeeeply relaxed. 

A steaming hot towel tucked around the back of your neck

another down the center of your back,

Hot stones from The Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers releasing glorious heat into your sore spots.

While you melt into the table I begin with your feet.  Slow and thorough.

Stress slowly leaves your body.

Reflexology and massage sending you deeper into relaxation.

You drift into a state between awake and sleep and dream.

Your muscles relax on their own.

This state of relaxation allows for a deeper massage with less pressure

Deep Tissue without discomfort. 

Moving up from feet to legs and deep hip work. Hips are crucial to release for lower back tension.

Back, arms, neck all kneaded to perfection. 

If there is tension or knots, I will find them. work them out. Lift them out with cupping.

All while you are kept on the verge of sleep.

More than a massage, this is an experience. 


Curious?  Please, explore my List of Services 

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